Our AgriFood Infrastructure Enabling Growth Shared Island project in a unique collaboration to test the feasibility of new investment projects to be delivered by a new cross-border Local Authority partnership.

The agri-food and agtech sectors are extremely important in both Ireland and Northern Ireland. Our AgriFood Infrastructure Enabling Growth Shared Island project is contributng to a more connected island.

  • We represent a unique geographic region – Ireland West – Border County – Northern Ireland. We represent strongholds of progressive and productive agri-food areas that have put/are putting infrastructure to the fore as an essential ingredient for prosperity in our rural areas.
  • Sustainability
    is at the heart of our project, and climate action is a lead priority, Food waste and the need for more sustainability in our food value chains are among the most considerable challenges currently facing our agrifood sectors. Agtech and foodtech has a huge role to play
  • We have brought together our key food and agritech enablers on both sides of the border to focus on new ways of innovation transfers. We contribute to a more connected island through Strand 3: Establish the first cross-border Food + Agritech Innovation Network. With 6 cross border events/study visits/cocreation events, involving at least 250 policy makers, enablers and stakeholders and SMEs and Agri groups, we have put in place the foundations for the establishment of first cross-border Food + Agritech Innovation Network
  • Exploring shared approaches to food and agritech innovation at policy level (local – regional- national) has been very valuable and the co-creation of a framework approach to food and agritech infrastructure.
  • Priming a pipeline of innovation enabled food + agritech SMEs to engage in our new infrastructure capacities is a key ambition for the future

Strand 1: Priming our capital plans

Developing the first all-island investment model for the development of new, climate-smart food, food tech and agritech infrastructure investments across our regions. Each of our 3 cross border regions is focused on infrastructure to drive prosperity and collaboration. Funding will be used to

A1 Capture and build on the learning of Leitrim (The Food Hub), Galway (BIA Innovator Campus) food infrastructure developments and emerging plans in the ABC region, to extend this learning to best-in-class food tech and agritech infrastructure

A2 Scope next generation capital build opportunities in each area. Technical support to prepare costed plans for each location, emphasising shared collaboration and interactivity.

A3 Develop the first all-island, and open access, investment model for developing new, climate-smart food, food tech and agritech infrastructure.



Strand 2: Climate Action

Food and agriculture are a major factor in climate change, producing over one-third of human-made emissions. This theme concentrates on how our emerging food, food tech and agritech infrastructure investments act of drivers of climate action interventions. Planned actions are

A4 Convened a cross border climate action conference specifically for the food and agri sector

A5 Delivered an applied climate action pilot project to 10 beneficiaries in shared approaches to agritech-technology/environment.



Strand 3: Establish the first cross-border FOOD + AGRITECH INNOVATION NETWORK

A series of cluster/network/shared learning events leading to the establishment of first cross-border Food + Agritech Innovation Network. Join our LINKEDIN Group.